Student Buzz

“For business professionals, there is no better guide for communication than Communicating for Managerial Effectiveness. Professor Clampitt thoroughly explores the problems seen in most businesses and explains the strategies that will lead to the optimal solution.” – Logan Hendricks

Communicating for Managerial Effectiveness 5e has incredible insights that allowed me to use real-life scenarios to understand concepts. Dr. Clampitt’s book is comprehensive and written in a way that allows the mind to process the information in an easy, almost conversational manner.”– Stephanie Schallhorn

“CME5 commanded my attention from the very first page. With most books, my attention gets diverted after a couple of pages. Not this one. It’s funny, informative and filled with compelling examples that I will remember for a lifetime.” – Valerie Hilkert

CME is a very insightful, engaging, and valuable resource. It will be a text that I keep and use as I re-enter industry.”– Michael Roache (University of North Carolina – Charlotte)