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historical figures illustrating key ideas

  1. Blaise Pascal (Chapter 1)
    (1623 – 1662) A mathematician and theologian who built the foundation for probability theory.
  2. Martha Graham (Chapter 2)
    (1894- 1991) The creative force behind modern dance.
  3. Socrates (Chapter 3)
    (469-399 B.C.E) A folksy philosopher who profoundly influenced philosophical thought to this day
  4. Juliette Gordon Low (Chapter 4)
    (1860 – 1927) The founder of the Girl Scouts in the United States of America
  5. Ben Franklin (Chapter 5)
    (1706 – 1790) More than just a guy flying his kite with a key during an electrical storm – he was a printer, postmaster, diplomat and inventor

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